Employment of Local Staff


Given the high level of unemployment in the region, the issue of hiring local residents in the contractor and subcontractor companies is one of the keys to sustaining conflict-free coexistence with the local community and smooth operations.

During active phase of constraction 10,000 local employees were working for LUKOIL as permanrnt staff and contractors.

The Company's consistent work on the employment and demobilization of local workers allowed it to prevent large-scale protests after more than 4,000 unskilled Iraqis were dismissed by the contractor companies through 2014—2016 in the Basra province (Iraq).

Today around 1,100 people are working on the West Qurna-2 project. 40% of them are expats and 60% - local staff. On top of that, around 1000 local citizens are working for LUKOIL as contractors. Company’s policy is to integrate the workforce of different nationalities and gradually pass the best management practices to Iraqis.