For the past years, LUKOIL Mid East Limited has built positive relationship and trust with local authorities and people in the Basra province. The Company invested $1.6 million in different social programs, supporting Iraqi education, sport, healthcare systems, badly damaged by sanctions and wars. People’s support is one of the key factors of our project’s success now and in future.

Company actively supported local communities through equipping local schools, purchasing computer equipment, organizing regular supply of drinking water, building sports facilities, and delivering modern medical equipment.

Since 2012 the Company has been engaged in equipping medical clinics in the Madeina district, where West Qurna-2 is located. As a result of this work, local population is able to receive qualified medical assistance in the immediate vicinity of their residence.

The list of the delivered equipment includes: cardiograph, ultrasound machine, dental equipment, autoclave, facilities for transporting critically ill patients.

Annually LUKOIL Mid East Limited finances the supply of drinking water to the public entities of Madeina. 7 medical centers and 59 schools were provided with drinking water in 2017. Overall 15000 children got drinking water.

From the first year of its work in the West Qurna-2 field, LUKOIL Mid East Limited actively supports the development of physical culture and sports. In particular football. The construction of a football field and the regularly held tournament for the Cup of LUKOIL with participation of over 50 teams have been all funded by the Company.

LUKOIL Mid East Limited is a sponsor for the sports club of Madeina and for Guwair's volleyball team.